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Hey guys!
I know I haven't contributed anything new in a while, but I will be making a new & improved recovery for this summer 2010! Starting May, I will be posting frequently and have a fresh new batch of great ideas and fun stuff for everyone. If you have any feedback, or would like to contibute, I'm always open, just throw me an e-mail: Lxeriica@gmail.com.

PS: We're now entering prom season, as well as wedding season!! If anyone needs their makeup done for such events, or any other events (bar/bat mitzvah, birthday, gala, etc.), contact me on the e-mail I provided above, and we'll work out the deetz!
Must be within the NYC/NJ area! Hope I hear from you!

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Tahiti Sweetie

Missing the spring & summertime? It's creeping up on us, and I have just the look to start off the 2010 spring fever. I've been eying Cargo's eyeshadow palette "Tahiti" for way too long, so after splurging yet again in Sephora, I'm happy to say it was money well spent! As you can see from the picture above, the colors have a very peacock-type hue to them, and they're very flattering, particularly for light eyes. I have some pictures I took after applying the shadow quadrant to my eyes. The colors are very fun.. Take a look!


INSPIRATION: What's Yours? Part ll

Whenever I sell MUFE to a client at work, they fall in love with it. In it's 25 years of existence, Danny Sanz has made this line into a makeup dynasty. Quality, variety, creativity, effectiveness... It's all there.

One of the topsellers: The HD Liquid Invisible Cover foundation. It's all in the name; phenomenal foundation that covers even the most porous, acne-prone face. Another notable quality is it's huge array of shades. Many people with a darker complexion face the issue of finding the right color because there isn't one being made in their shade. I've provided some pictures that display the product, if anyone's interested in getting it... You won't regret it!

INSPIRATION: What's Yours?

Inspiration... One of the most powerful forces in this world, sometimes the main catalyst for why we succeed, achieve our goals, reach for the stars and such. However, much like this guy, we all acquire inspiration so differently, get touched and moved in such a way that we have faith in ourselves to accomplish even the impossible. So, now I address the age-old question: What inspires you?

The one thing I've learned to appreciate when being inspired by something, is that it can be absolutely anything; people (alive or deceased), a work of art (drawings, music, etc.), a quote, or even one simple word. "Every man is said to have his peculiar ambition" -Abraham Lincoln

Overall, I'd have to say nature, music and art alike all inspire me the most. To make this more relevant, within the realm of art lies one of my favorite subcategories: makeup.When I put makeup and inspiration together, one brand sticks out above all; my all-time fa
vorite line... MUFE (MAKEUP FOREVER)


The Land of Make[up]-Believe part ll

Makeup as an Art.

I love the fact that Makeup doesn't have to be about just hiding your flaws, or giving yourself some color. (Although thank god for both!) After being in some studios for top brands like MUFE (Makeup Forever) and M.A.C, I got inspired by their use of color variety and their vision. Aside from the capitalistic standpoint of selling appealing products, they have an entirely different perspective on how they see a face. When you see a face, you focus on covering up blemishes, giving yourself a soft rosy cheek, a nice lip shine, a volumizing mascara, an eye pencil (black), and maybe an eye shadow, mainly in the nude family. When these high fashion brands see a face, they see an empty canvas. Your face becomes an ambiguous mix between art and fashion, and I've found some brilliantly executed examples.


The Land of Make[up]-Believe

My name is Erica. I've recently began doing freelance makeup as a side job, and I figured starting a blog would be a great idea. I'm also a makeup specialist at Sephora, and I love my job and makeup as a whole. I'm definitely open to suggestions, comments and ideas. If you're interested in a makeup consultation, or getting pampered for an event, don't be shy to e-mail me, and we'll arrange further details! Thanks!